Smart Village

Smart Village

Smart Village

In the past, most of the young men would leave the village and go to Mumbai in search of jobs and means of livelihoods. But this has changed after a number of employment opportunities are available in the village itself and the young villagers are no longer interested in migrating to large cities. The Hadi village has earned its reputation as an innovative and developing village that is ready to accept new ideas and promote employment and youth empowerment. A number of innovative programs such as compost making, fish farming, and tourism have been implemented and the village has taken the lead in doing these in the Malvan region.

One such experiment is of collective farming. Since most of the farms in the village were scattered in small land parts and the landowners cannot afford to till their land in a profitable manner. As a solution to this, collective farming was implemented on an experimental basis and has proved to be highly successful. Vegetables grown under this scheme have been produced with the use of organic fertilizers and are free of harmful chemicals and toxic substances usually found in the chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

The mango cultivators are provided with guidance on selling their produce every year. A collective marketplace and cooperative selling of mangoes have benefitted the villagers on a large scale.

The main source of income for the village panchayat is through the sand mining industry that is excavating sand from the Kalaval creek in the legal and appropriate way.

Due to all of these initiatives, the village is truly a smart village today.

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