Hadi Grampanchayat Sarpanch – Mahesh Manjrekar

Hadi Sarpanch - Mahesh Manjrekar

I, Shri. Mahesh Balkrishna Manjrekar, the current public nominated village head. I am in the office from 2012 to 2017 and for the second term from 2017 onwards. The village transformed itself during my tenure and it is a proud moment for me. We have successfully implemented a number of initiatives for the village since 2012. Our programs and the participation of the villagers and their hard work has resulted in the success of Hadi and the progress that it is seeing currently.

Considering the geographic location of the village, it was neglected and underdeveloped. On one side was the Kalaval creek and the extensive stretch of mangroves and on top of that, the clusters of houses were spread into 15 different distant pockets. The total population is about 2023 and is spread over 8,74,06,74 square hectors. Of this, plantations are in about 576,86,67 hectors and 152, 04,000 is spread into rivers and canals.

The new building of the village gram panchayat stands out among others in the village. There is a talathi (village accountant) office and a post office as well. Today the village has six primary schools and 4 child care centers. With the help of the gram panchayat, a total of 6 common wells have been dug out, there are 9 common taps for flowing water and around 78 private wells to supply water. 8 bore wells have also been dug out. All of these ensure that there is no scarcity of water in the village. Solar powered street lamps, house lamps, and solar lanterns are available to support lighting during any power outages.

With all the support from the villagers, there are a number of employment opportunities and businesses that are being done. Traditional farming and plantations, fishing and other related business are available in the village. In addition to all of this, tourism opportunities are also open in the village. This picturesque and natural beauty laden village is attracting tourists from all over the country.