Our Projects

Village Tourism

The beauty and abundance of natural resources in the Hadi village attract all the tourists visiting Malvan.

Rural Occupations

RURAL OCCUPATIONS Tourists are provided with information as well as a demonstration of rural occupations. Since the village has a large number of ‘Maad’ trees, tourists can see and experience the process of extracting ‘Madi’ – a local drink from these trees. A large number of coconut trees have also provided [...]

Catching Fish / Angling

Catching Fish / Angling The Kalaval creek merges into the Arabian sea, just after Hadi village. The creek has a unique advantage of being home to a large and diverse fish and sea life. For the seafood lovers, we have arranged special fishing trips that provide Angling facilities with advanced technology [...]

Bed & Breakfast Homes & Hospitality

Bed & Breakfast Homes & Hospitality For the tourists who come from the cities and large towns, a few of the homes in the village are available for accommodation on a bed and breakfast basis under the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC). The people of Malvan are well known for their [...]

Green Hut / Terrace Restaurant

Green Hut / Terrace Restaurant Tourism can support the development of a village. The villagers can earn a livelihood from this and make significant development in their lifestyles. Keeping these factors in mind, we have focused on rural tourism. The Mahila Bachat Gat (cooperative saving society) operated by the village women [...]

Nature Exploration and Boat Rides

Nature Exploration and Boat Rides With greenery all around, the Hadi village is a treat to anyone who would like to take a boat ride in the mangroves around the Kalaval creek. Lots of fish and sea life are present in the creek waters and the mangroves are home to many [...]

Biodiversity Information Centre

Biodiversity Information Center The Kalaval creek surrounds the village and almost supplies it with natural resources. Peaceful and quiet atmosphere and extremely diverse biology are the gifts of nature to Hadi village. In order to provide more information about the diversity of this place to tourists and visitors, the old village [...]

Cage Fish Farming

Cage Fish Farming Cage Fish Farming: Another scheme which attracts the tourists to Hadi village is ‘Cage Fish Farming’. Seafood lovers can catch prawns and seabass themselves and enjoy special Konkani delicacies. Around 6 Hectares lake has been prepared for prawns farming. Around 100 cages have been set up in the [...]

Coir Industry

Coir Industry Under the ‘Chanda to Banda’ scheme launched by Maharashtra Government,  a coir industry has been set up in ‘Hadi’ village to create various products. Coir ropes, doormats, cocoa pits, and other handicraft items are being prepared under this initiative. It would be a new and interesting experience for the [...]