Green Hut / Terrace Restaurant

Green Hut Terrace Restaurant

Green Hut / Terrace Restaurant

Tourism can support the development of a village. The villagers can earn a livelihood from this and make significant development in their lifestyles. Keeping these factors in mind, we have focused on rural tourism. The Mahila Bachat Gat (cooperative saving society) operated by the village women folk also runs a snack center in the village. The tourists can taste authentic Malvani cuisine and various local delicacies here.

The village also sells homegrown vegetables and other consumable products that are grown on organic fertilizers. They can also buy various products from the village plantations and those made by the local artisans. To enable these, two special shops are dedicated and these products are exhibited in these shops for tourists to see and buy.

The terrace of the village panchayat building also has a wonderful restaurant. The tourists can have a wonderful view of the surrounding natural habitat and natural beauty of the village while enjoying their favorite food items. The local village saving societies run this restaurant on a rental basis.

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