Bed & Breakfast Homes & Hospitality

Bed & Breakfast Homes & Hospitality

Bed & Breakfast Homes & Hospitality

For the tourists who come from the cities and large towns, a few of the homes in the village are available for accommodation on a bed and breakfast basis under the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC).

The people of Malvan are well known for their hospitality. Simple and straightforward village folk believe in the doctrine ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ – (Tourists are similar to God) and welcome them into the village with an open heart.

To make the tourists feel at home, a few women from the village have undergone special training in hospitality management.

Pollution free atmosphere, open spaces, chirping birds provide a treat to all the visitors here. Tourists now prefer the simple, quiet and refreshing village atmosphere than a five-star resort stay. The simple and peaceful lifestyle has become a hot favorite of the city dwellers who wish to take a break from the daily rush of the city life and give themselves a refreshing break.

The following properties and families provide a bed and breakfast option for tourists:

Shri. Santosh Hadkar

Smt. Mamata Gaokar

Smt. Meenal Golatkar

Shri. Divakar Kavle

Shri. Raghuveer Pednekar

Shri Sai Seva Mandal (Gaokarwada)

Shri Gadgewadi Seva Mandal (Gadgewadi)

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