Tal: Malvan, District: Sindhudurg

About Hadi Grampanchayat – Towards A Bright Future

In the 80’s decade, the Kokan region was almost neglected. Trade, logistics, education etc. facilities were yet to reach the villages here. Since most of the villages were not connected to the main cities by road, development and progress were missing for many miles in these regions. The village Hadi too had a similar story to tell. Medical services were also very difficult to avail. Getting a doctor in the village was a tough ask and it involved several kilometers of cycling and even traveling in boats to reach the village. Even in these circumstances, a genuine and social welfare loving doctor, Subhash Madhukar Dighe would visit this village from his native location Malvan. While serving the patients, Dr. Dighe realized the plight of the village. He started counseling the villagers in an attempt to bring them out of poverty, disease, and addiction. He began the task of bringing all the villagers together and uniting them for a common cause. He explained to them the power of unity and inspired them to work towards progress. He brought the villagers in the age groups 5 to 50 and began conducting meetings (Sangh Shakha) for them in children and youth categories. The village came together and the routines and discipline of the Sangh Shakha began to shape up the villagers. This is where Hadi village took its first step on the path to progress. In this path of transformation and progress, the ladies of the village gave in their own valuable contribution. As their participation grew, the village got even more enthusiastic and started exploring various ideas gave rise to new employment opportunities.

Just a few years ago, the village had a literacy rate of hardy 2 to 5 percent. The spread of education in the village today is incredible. About 90 to 95 percent of the youth is highly educated to a college or university degree or higher level. A large number of people are exploring various educational courses through the format of e-learning. With six schools and four child care centers in the village, the overall literacy rate is also very good. All the members of the gram panchayat are well educated and are able to implement all the government schemes and initiatives in the village properly. Due to the cooperative attitude of the village, the entire population is able to reap the benefits of the various government schemes. All of this has resulted in a complete transformation of the village. Many occupations have started in the village and the entire village seems to be headed towards self-reliance through self-motivation. To support all of this, the Sindhu durg district has declared 28 villages as promoters of tourism. Hadi is also a part of this initiative. Tourism has opened up a lot of employment opportunities and the villagers are focused on work. A village that was lost in addiction and lack of progress a few decades ago is now moving towards a bright future. As followers follow dynamic leaders, so do the villagers of Hadi. They have found a leader in the form of the village head and the village is now an ideal source of inspiration to other surrounding villages. .

Nature Tourism Village – Hadi

A picturesque village located in the bosom of the Kalaval creek that meanders amidst the greenery of the western ghats, Hadi is a cluster of 15 ‘wadis’ or group of houses. There are two beautiful islands in the creek. The population of the village is around 2000 plus. For their daily bread, the villagers are into traditional occupations such as rice farming, fishing, mangoes and coconut, betel nut and cashew plantations. As a supporting income source, they farm prawns and crabs along the creek. Cashew processing and pig farming is also a very popular supporting occupation. A fragrant flower by the name of ‘Surangi’ is cultivated on a large scale and it finds use in the making of scents and traditional fragrances also known as ‘attar’. Since the creek has a lot of mangroves, the biodiversity of this region is very high. Using nature and promoting it for tourism, the village is making its mark on the map of tourism in Maharashtra. A proud achievement of us as Hadi villagers is the appointment of a tourism counselor by the village panchayat to promote and spread tourism. This is the first village panchayat in Maharashtra to have done such an appointment.

The village is merely 8 km from Malvan. Every year, at least 5 to 6 lakh tourists visit Malvan city. And they are attracted to the nature tourism initiatives that Hadi village has to offer. The traditional lifestyle of the village and its simple people are loved by the visitors. A lot of festivals and functions take place in the village in the traditional way. Ganesh Utsav, Diwali, Nav Ratri, and other common festivals are celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and fun. Annual fairs and a typical drama called ‘dashavatar’ takes place each year as per the local tradition. There are a number of temples in the village – the nageshwar temple, the mahapurush temple, Pavnai temple, kalika temple, margishwar temple, vadileshwar temple are the old temples in the village.