सिंचन विहीर

well irrigation information

सिंचन विहीर - Irrigation Well

Well Irrigation is a principal method of irrigation used in India. Underground water is tapped for drinking purposes and at the same time it is also tapped for irrigating the cultivated land. For implementation of this procedure, a hole is dug in the ground for providing perennial supply of soft water. This is done as saline water is not favourable for irrigation. For instance, in the drier parts of the country like Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab, well water is quite saline. In order to reduce the salinity, wells are dug near ponds or in depressions where water generally collects during the rainy season. In those areas, crop cultivation is dependent totally on the rainfall.

In Hadi Village Grampnchayat Provided this well which is very important and usefull for each and every people of this village.

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