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Towards Self-reliance Through Self-motivation

“Hadi gram” is a village located in the Kalaval creek in Malvan Taluka, Sindhu Durg district. A beautiful and picturesque village that was totally neglected. In the 80’s decade, the literacy rate in these regions of Kokan was really low. Adequate means of education were missing. Since Hadi was located in the middle of the Kalaval and the Kolamb creeks, it was isolated from Malvan and the neighboring Achra village.

Proper transportation and logistics were a challenge and regular necessities were also scarcely available. Roads were not developed to reach these regions and the progress was stalled. Due to lack of progress and opportunities, the villagers were poverty struck and this small village was cursed with a number of country liquor shops. Around 50 to 60 of these shops were operational on a large scale and most of the young and active members of every family were under the influence of this malpractice of consuming liquor. The worries of tomorrow kept troubling the entire village.

However, in the last 30 years, the village has almost transformed itself completely. Through self-reliance and self-motivation, the village has become famous for its journey towards being a progressive and self-reliant village in the region. This is the incredible story of how a village changed its image and its future through their own efforts.

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Our Projects

coir industry
Under the ‘Chanda to Banda’ scheme launched by Maharashtra Government,
Cage Fish Farming
scheme which attracts the tourists to Hadi village is ‘Cage Fish Farming’.
Biodiversity Information Centre
The Kalaval creek surrounds the village and almost supplies it with natural resources.
Nature Exploration and Boat Rides
The Hadi village is a treat to anyone who would like to take a boat ride
Green Hut Terrace Restaurant
Tourism can support the development of a village.
Bed & Breakfast Homes & Hospitality
For the tourists who come from the cities and large towns,
Catching Fish / Angling
The Kalaval creek merges into the Arabian sea, just after Hadi village.
Village Tourism
The beauty and abundance of natural resources in the Hadi village attract all the tourists
Rural Occupations
Tourists are provided with information as well as a demonstration of rural occupations.